Time to follow your passion!

Join Vrå Folk High School – your life will never be the same again!

Half a year, a week – or maybe just a few hours?

  • Vrå Folk High School is for those who want knowledge and friends for life.
  • Vrå Folk High School is also for those who will attend a summer course, where you learn new skills, or improve on what you already know.
  • Vrå Folk High School is also a cultural gathering place where you can attend our communal dining every other week and attend lectures or concerts.

In other words, we are here for you in many ways – and we have been since 1872, when the school was built.

A stay at Vrå Folk High School can help you:

  • Get into your dream education
  • Improve your knowledge in classic subjects
  • Create and finish your portfolio for a future career
  • To start over, if you are stuck in life

Join Vrå Folk High School,

At Vrå Folk High School you only meet experts in our classes and lectures. Photographers teach photography, musicians teach music and artists teach art.

A stay at the Folk High School in Vrå is ALL-INCLUSIVE. You receive:

  • Lessons from subject experts
  • Food made by good chefs, morning, lunch and evening
  • International study trip
  • Access to the gym in Vrå SportsCenter
  • Accommodation in a two- or four-person room.


We have more than 20 nationalities at the Folk High School, 30 subjects and several lectures on subjects such as music, media, photography, design, art, society and movement. There is room for 100 Folk High School students at a time and every summer, 800 summer students use the Folk High School for everything from watercolour painting and story courses to yoga and dog training.

More than 15,000 students have been here since 1872 and we look forward to meeting you – whether you are here just an hour, one week or a year.

Get our guide to Vrå Folk High School

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