The dog – learn more about the man’s best friend

Week 28, 29, 31: 07 July 2018 – 13 July 2018

Price: DKK 4500 incl. Food and Accommodation

Status: Waiting list

The course for you and your dog

Do you want to put focus on you and your dog? Come join a week’s course with your four-legged friend. This course is for those:

  • Who think it would be fun to take their dog with to the Folk High School
  • Who would like to know more about dogs or are considering to get a dog
  • Who just like dogs and would like to be around many of them
  • Who want to explore the relationship between human and dog

Bring clothes with that are suitable for outdoor activities and all kinds of weather. Come partake in some fun days with children and dogs, and get more out of the man’s best friend. All dogs are welcome, except for dangerous dogs.

You and your dog do not have to have trained before. Both beginners and experienced are welcome. You can also bring a child or grandchild – as long as they are with you throughout the whole course.

Note: The dog course is one of our most popular courses. It is therefore sold out quickly. You can be written on to the waiting list and we will contact you if there is a free position.

What a “dog-week” at Vrå Folk High School looks like:

  • We eat together with the other summer courses and the day begins with a morning assembly
  • The days contain presentations, play, teaching, training and many other things such as why a dog does something and not other things
  • We hear about the senses and needs, behavior and upbringing – we goon excursions in the local area – both in the woods and on the long white beaches of the West Coast.
  • We use the evenings for songs, lectures, movies and much more.

History of dogs:

If dogs were not man’s best friend, they would still be man’s oldest friend. 14000 years ago, man and dog began to live together. It is believed that it started with the dogs coming and eating from the human’s muck heaps.

In the beginning, the dogs were shy, but gradually they gained more and more trust in people – and vice versa. Eventually, people and dogs became friends, and both parties have enjoyed it ever since.


Bettina Hvidemose

Some of the teachers at Vrå Folk High School also teach during the week. See more:

Bettina Hvidemose is a licensed animal behaviour therapist and an educated horse- and dog-trainer from the Ethologic Institute. She published several books. Bettina drives to the “Center for Animal therapy” daily and is a consultant at the North Sea Oceanarium about training seals.


Susanne Olesen

Susanne Olesen was educated in horse training consultant in 2013, dog behaviour instructor in 2013 and physiotherapist for horses in 2016.

Fill out the register form and get going!

If you feel like taking part in one of the many sommer courses that Vrå Folk High School offers, it’s time to register – as soon as possible. Some of the courses are sold out very quickly, which means “first come, first served.”

A lot of our courses have intentionally only space for 15 members – some have space for a few more. the small classes assure you to get more out of the lessons – and at the same time, to get to know the other pupils in your class better.

If the course you wanted to attend is sold out, then you have the option to be written on the waiting list. You may be lucky and someone deregisters – then we will, of course, contact you. We are looking forward to meeting you and to get to know you better. Use the registration form beneath.


Nonobligatory registration for a course

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