Story-telling course – The vivid word

Week 29: 14 July 2018 – 20 July 2018

Price: DKK 4500 incl. Food and Accomodation

Status: Waiting list

Find the great story with Mariane and Vigga

The story course at Vrå Folk High School is for those:

  • Who want to become better speakers
  • Who want to learn about classic narratives and how to make them more memorable
  • Who want to have training in rhetoric and attendance (sublimity)
  • Who want to try to do public speaking confidently

This course naturally helps you become a better speaker. All speakers are different, and we


to figure out your personal way of speaking. Therefore, we will have completely individual education alternated with a more group dynamic collaboration.

You do not need to be an experienced speaker or have a lot of stories in order to join the course. Everyone can join, no matter whether you are a beginner or experienced speaker.

The week will end with a story-telling evening with an audience where you can participate if you feel the need.

Vigga Bridge and Mariane Josefsen have spearheaded tell courses in Vrå Folk High School since 2014. The course is an important part of the Folk High School, because the oral narrative is crucial to this place. Ever since the school’s inception in 1872, spoken word has been a focal point. It still is today, where we tell- and listen to each other’s stories daily.

Story-telling is as old as people, and in the space of thousands of years it has become a refined art. Story-telling has birthed novels, short stories, theatre and film.

Good to know about the course:

  • In the course of the week at Vrå Folk High School, you will be surrounded by a lot of people. Both those from your course, and others from other various summer courses. Everyone at the school meets for meal times, morning assemblies and evening arrangements.
  • When you apply for the course, you have the opportunity of choosing whether you want to live in a single or double room. If you wish to have a single room, you should be aware that it will cost 800 kroner extra.
  • We also accommodate for allergy sufferers and vegetarians. Remember to make us aware of any such requirements when you apply.


Vigga Bro

Vigga Bro was born in 1937 and got her education at Aarhus Theatre in 1961. She is known for films like, Winter children, the Street of childhood, The Cult, Look to your left, there is a Swede, and starred in the later years in the Christmas calendars (Julekalendrene), Valhal and Julestjerner. Find more about the teacher on


Mariane Josefsen

I edit old fairy tales and stories that deal with life, what we fear, what we laugh about and what we dream about. Furthermore, I merge impressions and experiences of my life into my wondrous stories. Since 1999, I have told stories and led workshops for children, teenagers and adults. I tell stories in the whole country and have visited libraries, kindergardens, schools, 10. grade centers, Youth Schools, Folk High Schools, culture houses, churches, education institutions as well as story-telling festivals and other story-telling places. Read more on

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