Refresh your photography

Week 31: 28 July 2018 – 3 August 2018

Price: Kr. 4500 in a double room, including food and accomodation

Status: Only day students

Explore the world with your camera

Do you love photography, but you need inspiration, and maybe a bit more technique? Then “Refresh your photography” at Vrå Folk High School is just for you.

In the course, you will see – and take lots of pictures. We will work with picture construction and composition. What is it that makes a picture stronger and more precise in its expression? The course will focus on camera technique, and the possibilities that lie within a camera, and the different lenses.

We will explore light’s possibilities under the open sky and in the studio. In the course of the week, we will go out into the North Jutland landscape and beautiful nature and complete different tasks. Afterwards, we have the opportunity to discuss and evaluate the completed tasks.

Our photos are definitely better when they get the right image processing. It gives you plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in, or maybe just get a few tools when we need to work with ex. Photoshop. If you have the opportunity to bring your own computer with Photoshop, Lightroom or other imaging software, it is fine.

We will come to work with:

  • The camera’s many functions – and how to use them best
  • Landscape photography – good advice and techniques
  • Portrait photo – both easy and advanced light installation
  • Picture processing in Photoshop etc.
  • And one week of cozy evenings and lots of conversation about photography


Søren Schnoor

Press photographer Søren Schnoor has over 25 years of experience in the daily newspaper industry.

He has been a photographer at Aalborg Herald-Tribune / Nordjyske Media for 17 years. From 2001 he was editor of Politiken as well as editor and photographer on the web site

Søren is now working as a freelance photographer and is still affiliated with Politiken and Scanpix. He has been employed at Vrå Folk High School since 2010 and is affiliated with PixlAcademy.


Lasse Damgaard

Lasse Damgaard is the photographer behind the art work titles American- and European Portraits, and received an Honourable Mention in Travel Photographer in 2009.

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