Oil painting and acrylics

Week 26: 23 June 2018 – 29 June 2018

Price: DKK 4500 with double room incl. Food and Accommodation

Status: Waiting list

Release your inner artist

The course aims at, in an unpretentious atmosphere, for beginners and practitioners to find their own pictorial expressions. The course is organised with the joint training of color and materials science, technique and composition, followed by individual supervision. In the art room you can work by model and layout, as well as make some more experimental art.

Materials like paint, canvas, frames and brushes can be purchased at school, but you are also welcome to bring your own. The school sets up easels.


Jens Sørensen

Jens Sørensen is one of the known artists in Vendsyssel and a diligent exhibitor at exhibitions in Børglum, which had their 25 year anniversary in 2007. He is especially known for his reflections of life. These can be seen as reflections in shopwindows, where one has to decide himself whether life is lived inside or outside.


Adrienne Agnew

Adrienne Agnew has lived in northern Jutland since 1972 and was born and raised in Pennsylvania, USA. She took her education at Syracuse University School of Fine Arts (N.Y.) and at Bergen’s Arts- and Handicraft School in Norway.She is very diverse and works, apart from painting, also with watercolours, drawing, graphics, puppet theatre and scene/costume-design.

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