Week 52: 27 December 2018 – 02 January 2019

Price: DKK 4900 with double room incl. Food and Accommodation

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New Year at the folk high school is a party for sure!

When you celebrate New Year at the folk high school in Vrå, you can be sure of a wonderful surroundings, good food and good experiences. We have always have an exciting theme and entertaining tours. In the days leading up to the New Year there are lectures and song evenings with the folk high school songbook and other great entertainment.

The programme is laid out so that everyone can join, and there is of course both morning assemblies and a good long break after lunch. You can read more about our kitchen and party room on the following page: https://vraahojskole.dk/catering-og-festlokaler/

Fishermen & sea trading

New Year’s course at Vrå Højskole 27 dec. 2018 – 2 Jan. 2019.

Fishermen have always been part of North Jutland’s west coast, and the many fish trades have been important for the development of the west coast cities – and not least the seaside towns of today.

The New Year’s course focuses on the past and the present in the fishing and trading community. We will visit the modern fish auction in Hirtshals and the historic Tornby Gl. Købmandsgaard.

We will also take over the coastal towns of Løkken and Lønstrup and looking at their houses, nature and opportunities – and dive into the history of fishing and trading.

There will also be the opportunity to visit “the cigar bar” and “the knitting salon” and we will have a good talk about opportunities and resolutions for the coming year.

Join New Years at the school and enjoy the special life at Vrå Folk High School with conversations, togetherness, folk high school songs, delicious food – and not least a joyous New years Eve.

We start the new year with a nice hike on 01 January, where we feel the wind in our hair and a view on one of Denmark’s most beautiful places: Kærsgård Strand.

Program for the New Years course

Thursday 27 December:
Afternoon coffee, accommodating, dinner and introduction to “Fishermen and sea trading” with the principal couple Pia Schnoor and Søren Ottzen.

Friday 28 December:
Early rise and after a quick cup of coffee and a bun, we will go to the fish auction in Hirtshals, where will come eye to eye with modern fishing. Then, we will go home to a delicious brunch and a bit later, we will go to Tornby Gl. Købmandsgaard, where Jens Erik Bonné will tell you about the history of sea trading and the conditions. Later, we will drink coffee at Mette’s coffee shop and get the opportunity to look more at merchant trading. After dinner, we will say “Goodbye to 2018.”

Saturday 29 December: We will spend the early noon on a presentation about sea trade and fishermen, their living conditions and every day life. After breakfast, we will take the school bus to Løkken and Lønstrup and look at the beautiful nature and the towns, which form the center of sea trading. Dinner on this day, is a gala dinner, where the menu will be based on the theme of the course.

Sunday 30 December: After breakfast, we will open the cigar bar and the knitting salon and talk about expectations for the coming year. After lunch, we will look at old pictures and try out the photo technique to paint with light. In the evening, there will be a presentation and hanging out with the teachers of Vrå Folk High School.

Monday 31 December: After the morning assembly, we will spend the last day of the year together with the kitchen, where we will, among other things, bake bread and serve fish. After lunch, there will be a small concert and afterwards, you will have the option to join a quick walk in order to collect appetite for the New Years dinner. We will meet at 6 pm o’clock for the speech of the queen and afterwards, there will be dinner served. The year will be ended with fireworks and night food.

Tuesday 1 January: We will start out easy with brunch and then we will take the bus to Kærsgård Strand – a protected area, where the nature is especially beautiful and untouched by man’s hand. When we arrive at home, there will be hot chocolate and homemade buns. After dinner, we will watch the prime minister’s New Years speech and then gather for song evening.

Wednesday 2 January: After breakfast, we will say goodbye and thank you for this time – and maybe we will see each other next year for New Years at Vrå Fold High School!


More about everything, you can experience

The school’s kitchen will, throughout the New Years course, spoil your mouth and stomach. The food for New Years at Vrå Folk High School is prepared from scratch with good and local raw food. The chef at the school has an ecological bronze label and serves very diverse menus at every meal. On the 29 December and New Years Eve, there will be wine included in the meals.

The West Coast
During the New Years course, we will stop at a few beautiful places along the West sea and the West coast. We will, among others, visit Løkken, Lønstrup, Kjærsgård and Tornby Strand.

Look forwards to hearing more about sea trading, when Jens Erik Bonné from Tornby Gl. Købmandsgaard opens for stories and histories about trade along the West coast. Also, meet the auctioneer Karsten Petersen, who will tell you about the fishing conditions and development today.

Vrå Folk High school shapes a unit with songs and music, thus, we will sing songs from the Folk High School song book everyday, when we meet for morning assemblies.

New Years day
There will be a small concert and the first evening of 2019 will be devoted to singing together in the lecture room – that’s also how it is supposed to be when there is New Years at Vrå Folk High School.


The daily rhythm

08.00 Breakfast in the canteen
09.00 Morning assembly with songs in the lecture room
09.30 Morning activities with coffee break
12.00 Lunch and following siesta
14.00 Afternoon activities with coffee break
18.00 Dinner in the canteen or in the arts room
19.30 Evening activities in the lecture room + coffee

Fill out the registration form and get going!

If you feel like taking part in one of the many sommer courses that Vrå Folk High School offers, it’s time to register – as soon as possible. Some of the courses are sold out very quickly, which means “first come, first served.”

A lot of our courses have intentionally only space for 15 members – some have space for a few more. the small classes assure you to get more out of the lessons – and at the same time, to get to know the other pupils in your class better.

If the course you wanted to attend is sold out, then you have the option to be written on the waiting list. You may be lucky and someone deregisters – then we will, of course, contact you. We are looking forward to meeting you and to get to know you better. Use the registration form beneath.

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