Krammer på Kulturmødet

Intensive learning course

Week 29-31: 16 July 2018 – 03 August 2018

Price: DKK 4500 with double room incl. Food and Accommodation

Status: Waiting list

Let your future begin now

Are you young without an education but a dream to start and become stronger as a person? Then choose the intensive learning course at Vrå Folk High School.

You will:

  • Have a summer holiday that you will never forget, with new friends and plenty of great experiences
  • Update your professional knowledge
  • Get on with your education

At the intensive learning course in Vrå, you will live at the Folk High School. You will be taught in school subjects, like Danish and Mathematics, but you also have the opportunity to let your creativity free in the Folk High School’s many workshops.

On top of the lessons, there will be:

  • Excursions
  • Grill evenings
  • Beach trips
  • Campfires in the garden and much more

At the intensive learning course, you will be a part of the whole Vrå Folk High School. That means that it is mandatory that you attend morning assemblies, presentations and communal meal times together with the other courses.

To participate in the intensive learning course, you should be prepared for the fact that attendance is compulsory. You are part of a team that, like yourself, wants to move on in life and if you are to succeed, it requires an effort.

Teachers will customise the teaching to suit you and your level – and together we will help you pursue your education and future.

More about the classes:
Danish: In Danish, we will work with written and oral Danish. We work with rhetoric and communication, but also with grammar and conjugation. Classes are modified according to the individual student.

Mathematics: In Mathematics, we work with both arithmetic and problem questions – we are concrete and have a practical approach when we solve tasks. We address the mathematical challenges you have.

News: The News, we take democracy and our governance seriously – it is an important part of the Danish folk high school tradition. We follow in the surrounding community. Both right outside the windows of Vrå – but also in a larger global perspective.

Creative workshops: At Vrå Folk High School you can immerse yourself in photo, visual arts, textile and design. You can learn to express yourself in new ways or enhance and improve your own expression.

Movement: Vrå Folk High School has a gym and a ball court, and we also have the opportunity to use the Vrå fitness centre. The area around Vrå Højskole is ideal for walking and running.

Practical info:

  • As a student in the intensive learning course, you will live in a shared room with a toilet and bathroom in the hall, and you will be integrated into one of Denmark’s classic folk high schools
  • Vrå Folk High School offers cosy environment, a large garden and lots of workshops
  • The folk high school is also close to trains, buses, flights and the sea. There are also several shopping opportunities in Vrå, and it is easy to get to Hjørring and Aalborg

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Application for the learning course, practical details

Vrå Folk High School offers, together with Egå Youth Folk High School and Rønde Folk High School, an intensive learning course.

in order to be accepted into summer Folk High School with the intensive learning course with help from the adjustment pool funds, it is required to write a motivational letter. Look at the audience description if the student fullfils it.

The application form is to be made by the student himself and should be send to the school that the student wishes to take the intensive learning course on.

We recommend that the student uses time on the application, as it will be important for us in order to organise the intensive learning course in the best way possible.

In the application form, there is the option for the guidance counsellors, contact persons, teachers etc. to give a comment or a description. There is also the option to attach relevant documents.

Links to the registration form at the Folk High School union website (opens in a new window):

> Applicants UNDER 18 years

> Applicants OVER 18 years

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