Expression, drama and mood via painting

Week 31: 28 July 2018 – 3 August 2018

Pris: Kr. 4500 in double room including food and accomodation

Status: Waiting list

More focus put on forms of expression

Artist Verner Brems guides you through acrylic painting, abstractions and mixed media with combinations. You get an opportunity to work with expressive portrait painting and drama expression and mood through the painting.
In the following topics, we work on paintings: colour as the force of nature; lyrical tone as a picture; poetic painting; analog painting; abstracts, recognizable symbols and objects.

Simplicity in the complicated; order in chaos; the invisible language of the image composition; from process to outcome; the unexpected 5th element implemented as detail in the image composition.
Materials can be purchased at school, but you are also welcome to bring your own. The school sets up easels.


Verner Brems

Verner Brems is educated at the Design School in Kolding and the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.

He is a member of the Artist’s Association and Artists for Peace.

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