Week courses at Vrå Fold High School are something very unique

The summer at Vrå Folk High School are every year something special. The old school buildings, the big garden and studenthouses fill up with happy and excited students, whose come because they are motivated to immerse themselves into a historical setting.

More than 800 students pop by Vrå every year to have fun together – eat delicious food, sing together and, of course, learn something from the course, they have chosen to study.

The motivation to learn something is especially important for us at Vrå Folk High School. That is, together with fun and togetherness, the motivational force behind the many exciting summer courses, we have organised.

Most of the courses start on Saturday in the afternoon and end on Friday after breakfast. For some courses, it is possible to take two weeks in a row, if you want to especially nerd out within a field.


  • Vrå Folk High School is situated in northern Jutland
  • 15 km between the West Sea and close to Hjørring, Brønderslev and Aalborg
  • IC-Train stops in Vrå and there is only 400 m between the station and the school

THE SELECTION of summer courses changes every year but you typically find courses based on topics like:

  • Photo
  • Story-telling & Authorship
  • Dog training
  • Ceramics
  • Art of painting
  • Travels
  • Roleplay
  • Jewellery
  • Yoga and Mindfulness

We hope that our courses will inspire you and maybe some of your friends, family and acquaintances. Are you more than one person that come together, we will make sure that you will be accommodated together – or close to each other. Remember to let us know when you register.

You can also choose to be involved in week courses between July and New Years, where Vrå Folk High School hosts a special New Years course, which focuses on fun and good food.

Pictures of the week courses at Vrå Folk High School

We live here

This is how you can register

You can find a list of all of the summer courses we offer under Courses at Vrå Folk High School. You can register by clicking on the course and filling out the form. You are also welcome to contact us via email: info@vraahojskole.dk or via phone: +45 98 98 10 10, then we will help you with filling in the registration.

Be aware that some of our courses are sold out very QUICKLY. is your dream week filled up, then you have te option to be written on a waiting list.

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