Study trip

Go to folk high school - go on a trip!

When you are a student at Vrå Folk High School, a study trip is a part of your folk high school stay. Thus, the price is included in your folk high school fee.

You will only pay for your own pocket money, lunch and drinks. In the spring semester, the study trip takes place in April, while in the autumn semester, the trip takes place in September and October.

The destinations for the study trips vary. Vrå Folk High School has previously visited:

  • Amsterdam
  • Berlin
  • Krakow
  • Prague
  • Stockholm

We plan our study trip differently from year to year. We like to take all folk high school students in one go, but sometimes we divide them up, so that there are different trips to choose from. For example:

  • Big city trip to a European metropolis
  • Nature, with a focus on outdoor life
  • Denmark tour – with our base being the school.

The offer varies from year to year – and sometimes we go on immersion trips with the various folk high school subjects.
For all study trips, there is an established program and  there are teachers who act as tour guides.

Video fra vores studietur til Berlin, efterår 2018, lavet af vores elev Daniel Aslak. Du kan se hans Youtube kanal her.

Big city: One study trip goes to a European metropolis where culture is at the forefront. We visit museums, sights, and experience concerts and shopping. We live in the hostel, where you are accommodated together with some of your school buddies.

Nature: This trip takes place in the nature, where we make food over the fire and sleep under the stars. You can bring your own backpack, sleeping bag and sleeping mat – or borrow one from the school. You will leave “civilization” and get the opportunity to test your and your group’s limits.

Folk High School: This is a “home trip”. With our base at Vrå Folk High School, we drive our red school bus around in Denmark. This can be too see attractions, the cinema, or maybe a trip on horseback along the West coast. You even help to plan and shape the content of the study trip.

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