What is a folk high school?

What is a folk high school?

Folk high school is a boarding school for youths over the age of 18, where you can immerse yourself in various subjects and topics. The folk high school, unlike other schools, does not have any set curriculum and exams, but it is compulsory to attend lessons and partake in various activities.

Who can come to folk high school?

In principle, everyone can come to folk high school, on the condition you have- or will turn 18 in the course of your time here.

What does it cost to attend the folk high school?

It costs DKK 1500 a week to attend the folk high school – all inclusive. This means that you have paid for food, accommodation and study trip – plus access to the fitness centre and the beautiful nature.

Is folk high school similar to boarding school?

Both yes and no. Exactly like boarding school you live at the school, but lessons are targeted at adults, and you have more personal responsibility and freedom than in a boarding school.

Is there internet?

Of course. At Vrå Folk High School we have fibrenet.

Is there vegetarian food?

Yes, there is opportunity to get both vegetarian food and special dietary food. You just need to let us know when you apply.

Should we stay at the school?
Yes, everyone should in principle stay at the school. However, you are free most weekends, and may, in special cases, make a deal to stay at home.

What can a stay at the folk high school be used for?

A folk high school stay can be used to find out what you would like to be educated in. You can also use the folk high school as a springboard to help yourself enter Design School, Music conservatory, Media- and Journalist folk high schools or The Art Academy. Many use the school to better themselves within a particular subject.

What do I personally get out of it?

A change from your everyday. A clear picture of your future, and an insight into your own strengths and weaknesses. You get to know people you otherwise would not have met, and some of them will become lifelong friends. Half a year that will strengthen you as a person.

How long does it take to complete folk high school? 

The spring semester starts in January and lasts 22 weeks, while the autumn semester starts in August and last 18 weeks. Many people tend to stay for a whole year.

How does one live?

You will typically live in a double room. Most of the bedrooms in the school have their own toilet and shower.

Can we party at the school?

Always! But if you drink beer and wine, be aware that this can only take place on the weekends and special occasions which do not interrupt lessons.

Can my family and friends visit?

Of course, you just need to let the school know latest the day before they arrive.

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