Wheel throwring

Wheel throwring

Learn the pottery-throwing tecnics

Wheel throwing is a great part of ceramics and pottery. It takes precision, tecniques and a lot of practise to throw a cup, a bowl or a dish in clay. You will train and learn the tecniques, and you ca do pottery-throwing along with your ceramics class. .

In wheel and pottery-throwing, you will get an introduction to the following techniques and methods:

  • Frocessing the clay before putting it on the wheel
  • Centering  the clay on the wheel
  • Winding – wheeling in hights
  • Pulling the clay – width wheeling
  • Different clay-grip
  • Throwing and working from a technical draw
  • Turning of the clay
  • Glazing
  • Decoration

You will also learn how to reuse the clay, and get an introduction to the firering process. In this class you will have both the theory and the practical work. You will also get  individual and class lectures, and you will get through specific ceramics- and pottery-throwing diciplines. By the end of the semester you can – if you like – exhibite your work.

Wheel throwing is at Vrå Højskole close connected to ceramics. But you can also combine wheel throwing with other subjects such as Image Workshop and Art.

The wheel throwing class will be lead by an professional clay-artist. She or he will guide you in your personal projects “on the wheel”. The teacher will “meet you at your level”

About you

  • You want to tryk Wheel throwing
  • You like creative work and you are not afraid of mistakes and experiments
  • You like individual work and guiding
  • You are ok with regular task set by the teacher

Wheel Throwing is for beginners as well as trained students. The subject is for students that are fond of clay and the idea of wheel throwing. You do not need any wheel throwing-experience to attend the class.


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