Sport - if you want to use your body

Do you like physical training and challenge? Then sport is the right subject for you.

In this class you will get:

  • Introduction to different kind of sports. Eg badminton, kickboxing, yoga and running. You will alson get an introcuction to team sport eg soccer, volleyball and handball
  • Better shape and coordination
  • Gain more selfconfidence and physical well-being.
  • Good mood

In this class we will do a lot of different sports. We will use our own body – but also tools. Boxing gloves, boxing bag and boxingplates eg when we do   kickboxing.

We use  a football and football cones while we play soccer. And offcourse a racket when we play badminton

As a student, you are most welcome to inspire with your own sports-suggestions. All ideas are more than welcome.

The most important thing is, that you move your body and have a great time while doing it.

Many people use sport to set their mind at easy – and sport sure can fix a bad day og cleanse your head and make bad thoughts disapear.

Please bring a bottle of water to the sports-class and wear comfortable sport-clothes.

You will need to take a shower after sport, but what you do not need is to be a sport expert. This class is open for everyone – so please join, if you feel like it.

At Vrå Højskole we see sports as a way to have fun – not as an competition.

About you:

  • You like to move and use your body
  • You are not affraid to sweat
  • You like physical challenges

Nice experiences?
New learing?
Immerse yourself?
Meet up with new people?

Sport 1

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