Experiment with your narrativs

Podcast  is an association of two modern narratives. You will, during the semester at Vrå Folk High School, receive:

  • Knowledge in creative communication and gain an understanding and experience in using yourself as a narrator.
  • Insight into how you, through methods and practice, can develop your skills to express yourself and set your own productions and podcast in a social perspective.
  • Knowledge of sound effects, sound production and sound-editing
  • Understanding of cultures, subcultures, identity formation, political trends, and social order
  • Experience in recording a podcast, but also airing live too.
  • Personal feedback and counselling

We will work together with those who want to play with the power of words and tell good stories.


We will fuse everything together in a podcast format, where we will work with sound effects that will aim to support your stories.
We will also use sound to promote the narrative’s intensity, and you will work with editing of sound and production of sound effects and underlying sounds.

About you:

  • You want to play with words
  • You have something you want to express and share with others
  • You want to develop your communication and storytelling skills
  • You can work independently and as a team
  • You can take feedback and constructive criticism on your work

You do not have to be a confident speaker or have communication experience to participate in Said! Podcast + Your Story! The course is open to beginners, as well as to those who dream of reading rhetoric or drama.


  • Podcast: Podcasting or podcast is a method of publishing audio- or video files on the internet or podcasts. Originally the word podcast was a mix of ipod and broadcasting. Today POD stands for “personally” “on” “demand”


Sofie Tone Nielsen

Sofie is a trained Experience Engineer from Aalborg University and one of the women behind the idea of ‘Platform 4’ and ‘Chill in the Park’ in Aalborg. Sofie has, under her artist name Tone, released several records and has played at both the Roskilde Festival and the SXSW Festival in the United

In addition, Sofie has worked with video and installation art and is one of the exhibitors in the Vrå Kunstbygning exhibition ‘Inner and outer landscapes’. Sofie Nielsen received Nordjyske’s Cultural Award in 2011.

Sofie has been employed at Vrå Folk High School since 2015.

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