What makes news?

At “News”, we are up to date! This subject deals with:

  • Keeping up with the world around us
  • Discussing media coverage of what is happening
  • Learning to take a stand on the news flow that constantly bombards us
  • Understanding how news occurs – and what causes something to go viral on e.g. social media

In principle, nothing too big or too small to be a case for us on News. We record both local, national and global trends. We follow, we doubt we discuss and take a position.

We start with the world as it is today – but we also draw historical and socio-theoretical threads. We talk about the agendas and memos, about trends and doubt – and why small news can be large. We go behind the news and ask why something is seen and remembered – and something else forgotten.

Among other things, we will start with programs such as the Nyhederne, TV2News and Horizon – just to name a few. We will also occasionally see documentary broadcasts from behind the news stream.

We draw on the perspectives that are often forgotten in the pursuit of BREAKING NEWS.

About you:

  • You want to keep up to date with the world around you
  • You would like to discuss your viewpoint with others
  • You are open to other people’s views and opinions

You do not have to be a news-freak to join “News”. You can easily enjoy the lessons, even if you have never opened a newspaper or watched the news on television. The course is for everyone, but also for those who dream of entering the Danish School of Media and Journalism or other community-related education.


Søren Ottzen

Vice Principal and trained as a primary school teacher and teacher in Danish as a second language.

He has been employed at Vrå Folk High School since 2007 and teaches, among other Bridge, Recreation and NEWS.

Søren has extensive experience from the language center and folk high school, and is himself an avid bridge player.

He is also frequently letter-to-the-editor writer in Nordjyske, and is known to interfere in the political debate.

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