Rhythmic music, songs and teamwork at Vrå Folk High School

Based on the cooperation of rhythmic music you will be taught in many musical areas.
At Vrå Folk High School, we focus on your needs. You will be challenged on your instrument, your musical tastes, your theoretical basis and your basic understanding of the music.

You will receive lessons in:

  • Cooperation
  • Music theory
  • Improvisation
  • Rhythm learning
  • Chord learning
  • Ear training
  • Music history
  • Study skills

You will experience tranquillity, but you will also experience being thrown into deep water sometimes, for example by instrument rotation, live concerts and CD capture.

About you:

  • You want to play or sing
  • You are ready to join the band, join forces and are ready to cooperate
  • You are prepared to receive both personal feedback and a classroom education

Music at Vrå Folk High School is open to everyone – and does not require any former experience. You are welcome whether:

  • You are a completely new beginner, or lower-intermediate and wish to receive a basic
    introduction in playing music
  • You are an experienced musician or singer and wish to have a creative environment with
    numerous musical challenges and inspiration
  • You dream of being accepted into a music conservatory, MGK or another music education and need a last kick before you apply.

Vrå Folk High School has the following equipment, which we use during lessons:

  • Guitar/string instruments: Telecaster, Stratocaster, western guitars, acoustic guitar, bass
    guitar, ukulele, lap steel guitar
  • Bass: Electric bass, precision bass, jazz bass, acoustic contrabass
  • Amplifiers: Class A Music Man tube amplifier, a wide variety of middleclass transistor
    amplifiers, including JazzChorus from Roland
  • Base amplifiers: A Fender Rumble 500 watt among others
  • Wind instruments: Saxophone and trumpet
  • Keyboards and piano: Steinway concert grand piano, Shimmelmann grand piano, Cork SV 88 vintage stage piano, Yamaha c40 stage piano, Yamaha Mox 6 synthesizer, Roland synthesizer
  • Percussion: Three drum sets, including Sonor Lite, Sonor 2003, Yamaha stage custom.
    Various percussions: Congas, Bongo, Jembe drums
  • Studio Equipment: Complete recording studio set up with logic as DAW (digital audio
    workstation), studio microphones
  • PA equipment: Two complete high-end dynarcord system and several smaller combination systems


Jeanne Ørvad

Jeanne Ørvad is a graduate of MA in music and sports from Copenhagen and Aalborg University in 2003.

She has taught at Thisted and Nørresundby Gymnasium before she started at Vrå Folk High School in 2015.

She teaches music, ball games and kickboxing.

She is a talented handball player, plays golf in the 2nd Division and piano is her favourite instrument. Jeanne therefore often plays for morning gatherings


Thomas Bach Jacobsen

Thomas Bach Jacobsen is a Master of Language Linguistics in Spanish and English from the University of Copenhagen.

He has worked in among others Danish Refugee Council before he, in 2015, became a teacher at Vrå
Folk High School.

Thomas teaches music, chess, speaking and Danish in the Asylum Department. He enjoys a good run, a good story and a good game of chess.


Anders Deibjerg Lind

Anders holds a bachelor in popular music and sound production from Aalborg University.

He has worked at Vrå Folk High School since November 2015. He teaches electronic music and ball games and is a teacher of music.

Furthermore, he is a food artist, musician, songwriter, producer and mix engineer – and an accomplished pallet furniture designer.


Sofie Tone Nielsen

Sofie is a trained Experience Engineer from Aalborg University and one of the women behind the idea of ‘Platform 4’ and ‘Chill in the Park’ in Aalborg. Sofie has, under her artist name Tone, released several albums and has played at both the Roskilde Festival and the SXSW Festival in the United

In addition, Sofie has worked with video and installation art and is one of the exhibitors in the Vrå Kunstbygning exhibition ‘Inner and outer landscapes’. Sofie Nielsen received Nordjyske’s Cultural Award in 2011.

Sofie has been employed at Vrå Folk High School since 2015.

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