Get control over how you manage “out” in society

“Grow Up” does not have any regular books or set teaching material that one needs to read or do. It is a practical and useful subject teaching you how to do things by yourself, and covers what one can do if:

  • I received a letter from the municipality
  • I do not have any money left in my bank account on the sixth day of the month
  • I have no job
  • I do not have a nice life that I want to share on Instagram
  • I am tired all the time
  • I do not know anything about the EU, or what they do
  • I am going to move and don’t know how to handle it
  • There are parliament or municipal elections and I want to vote
  • I would like to do sports or hobbies, but I cannot motivate myself

In the subject, “Grow Up”, there is space for questions about everything between heaven and earth. This subject regards you and your life. Both practical problems and personal issues such as: stress,
identity, how to commit yourself in your day-to-day, and the digital reality.

In this subject, we look both inwards and outwards in regard to society, and you have the
opportunity to shape what is taught in these classes. If you have any topics that you would like to
take up, we would like to discuss them in class. These topics discussed could be in regard to moving,
study choices, the EU, or relationships among other things. No subject is too big- or to small for “Grow Up”.

You can also receive advice and guidance, where you learn to understand NEM-ID, Digital Signature and how to navigate and use Borgerservice.

The classes in “Grow Up” take place mostly at the Folk High School, but we also take day trips to
other places. For example, we have been to museums, visited businesses and stopped by several
educational institutions. We could also visit the recycling plant, the town hall, municipal services,
thee library, or something else completely. You, the student, are welcome to make suggestions as to where the tours and excursions should take place.

It is not required that you have any special prerequisites or specific challenges in order to partake in
“Grow Up” classes. You only need to want to get better, take control of your life and be equipped
for all the challenges that are awaiting you once you leave the Folk High School.


Janne Kjærgård Nielsen

Janne is a trained librarian. She has been employed as a teacher at Vrå Folk High School since 2003.

Janne lives with her family near the folk high school, and is an expert in Vrå and surroundings of interest.

She is a contributor to the book “Højskolepædagogik”. She has taken the folk high school education
specialization HPU.


Lene Graarup

Lene Graarup is a graduate of Theology, Aarhus University, 1997. She is a priest in the Vrå Valgmenighed, which is a neighbour of Vrå Højskole.

The electoral committee has always been an important neighbour of Vrå Folk High School, and Lene
Graarup therefore shares her position between the Folk High School and the electoral unit.

Lene Graarup has been a priest in the Election Committee and employed at Vrå Højskole since 2000.


Per Christensen

Per is educated from Aalborg seminar in 2000. He has taught in Danish, Mathematics, Sport and Visual Arts.

Per has been employed at Vrå Folk High School since 2013.

He is especially responsible for folk high school Greenlandic students, is a strong “stand up” and a skilled skater.

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