Get on the catwalk in your own creation at Vrå Folk High School

In Fashion and Design, we work with expression in the form of clothes. We discuss and work with:

Who are we?

Which signals are we sending with our clothes?

You learn:

  • Thorough introduction to pattern design
  • Sewing techniques
  • Cutting; machine sewing – techniques and shortcuts
  • Colour, shape and style
  • Decoration and application techniques
  • Printing (screen printing, block printing, etc.)
  • Accessories
  • Composition and presentation of clothes at, for example, a fashion show
  • Knowledge about material

You will get personal guidance in:

  • How to work with your options and your personal goals
  • How to compose your own style and clothes

In class, we will talk about fashion as a whole, and the subcultures of fashion. What makes fashion? Can one talk about fashion without talking politics?

We will talk about the different types of women in fashion, and learn their features:

  • Classic type
  • Feminine type
  • Sporty type
  • Dramatic type

It is important to know, so we are aware of who we are designing for. It does not matter whether we design car, glasses, or clothes. Do the clothes crinkle? Is it made of natural fibres? These are questions that a fashion designer needs to consider.

We will talk about the different body types, what suits who? Where should you cut the material, in order for it to be flattering? Should the cutting be crossed or lengthwise?

We will work with various materials, so you can get experience with them. Both stretch and woven material, and what the pros and cons are of each weave.

There will be opportunity to develop your skills at your own pace, whether you are a beginner or experienced. There will be design exercises, where you will choose your starting point, other exercises can easily be taken by others. We will be sewing a lot.

In Fashion and Design, there is freedom to work with different styles and materials. We love lean angles and strong personalities. There is naturally always place for the more traditional, and one is welcome to partake regardless of name, age and race. You don’t need to know how to sew to join Fashion and Design, as the class has space for both new beginners and those with experience.

We teach in a comfortable and spacious near the Folk High School dining room and administration. The Folk High School has sewing machines, irons, and other materials needed to begin sewing.

About you:

  • You want to sew and work with fabrics and design
  • You are set to work with your own style and your own figure
  • You are excited to work with others on the team, and with other Folk High School students for events or shows that shows your work
  • You don’t need a sewing machine or special knowledge of design to join Fashion and Design


In this subject, you can expect to work with:

  • Designing individual models
  • Pattern construction and an understanding of patterns
  • Knowledge of materials
  • Sewing model
  • Sewing techniques
  • Ironing techniques
  • Finished sewn products


Lene Schøning Bruun

Lene Schnøning has been employed at Vrå Højskole since 2008. She is a trained textile designer and has a PD in material culture.

Lene has taught at Alexandra School in Frederikshavn, known for its skilled tailors.

She has sewn clothes for Ghita Nørby, Diana Benneweis, Princess Alexandra and several well-known politicians.

She teaches in Fashion, Clothing, Print & Thread and Body Culture

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