Electronic music

Find your own sound at VEM – Vrå Electronic Music

Learn to produce music using the computer as a work tool. At VEM, we give you the opportunity to further develop your skills and musicality, and we give you a unique opportunity to join in if you are a new beginner.

Together, we explore the electronic universe, and you will receive:

  • Insight into creative methods of composing music
  • Technical tools via Ableton Live to make your music sound as good as possible
  • Learn to use Ableton Live together with midi controllers
  • Possibility to work with your own production
  • The chance to find your own unique sound
  • Stage time in concerts, both at -and outside- the Folk High School
  • Personal coaching and feedback, both on your sound and your performances.

We experiment within the different genres, and you face ongoing challenges, that strengthens your understanding of music. In periods, emphasis will be placed on a regular set of tasks, for example:

  • You should produce a piece of music that compliments a given artwork
  • You will experience a limited number of sounds that will form the foundation of a new piece of music
  • You will learn to “jam” together with others from your class

We continuously listen to your tracks/works to get in-depth with your expression, and we delve into how the soundscape works. If you desire, you can play live at one of the Folk High School’s many events, both at- and outside- the Folk High School.

It doesn’t matter what genre of music you want to make, be it Hip-hop, EDM, Experimental, Ambient, Fusion Jazz, or something completely different. Everyone can unfold at VEM – Vrå Electronic music- regardless of your chosen genre or possessed skills, in other words, you do not need to have an instrument, or knowledge on nodes before you join.

Important for you:

  • You need to bring a laptop, and a set of headphones
  • You need to be curious about sound and willing to work independently with your own music in association with others.
  • You will borrow the Ableton license while you are at the Folk High School
  • You do not need previous knowledge about electronic music or Ableton to begin at VEM.

About Ableton Live:

Ableton Live is a professional music production software, where one can work with music from the idea stage to the finished product. Additionally, the program is suitable for performing live music, or for use as a compilation instrument with other computers or “real” instruments.


Anders Deibjerg Lind

Anders holds a bachelor in popular music and sound production from Aalborg University.

He has worked at Vrå Folk High School since November 2015. He teaches electronic music and ball games and is a teacher of music.

Furthermore, he is a food artist, musician, songwriter, producer and mix engineer – and an accomplished pallet furniture designer.

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