Creative Proces

Train and learn creative skills and proces

In this class you will train your abillity to think and act in a more creative manner.

You will in this course be introduced to:

  • creative design and creative ways of thinking
  •  innovation and new sollutions
  • new and old ways of “doing things”
  • Separation of creative and logic thinking
  • Brainstorm and idea generation
  • projekt working
  • problem solving

This class is designed for students, who want to re-think in new ways and include creative design and creative thinking in their work-proces.

The Class will deal with many different methods in creative work and creation.

You will get an introduction to abstrackt ideas – and try to make products in an creative-proces-way.

In the class we discuss how we can learn from our senses – and we will experiment with various materials. We will also recykle and upcykle materials form our everyday-life.

Creative proces is a very experimental and challenging class. Therefore we will follow a daily plan and work in a structured method.

Example on A daily plan and a structured method:

  • Problemphase: Forumulation of key questions
  • Idea-generating phase: Brainstorm and creative technics:
  • Valuation of ideas: Kill your darlings
  • Working with the chosen ideas
  • Project-description: Prototype, budget and business method

You do not need any special skills or experience to join the class. Creative Proces is open for everyone. Are you already an artist kind of type it is important to know, that this class is more than drawing/sewing/painting. The main focus is the creative working proces.

More about you:

  • You are “in to” creative thinking and working
  • You like teamwork
  • You would like to try new working methods
  • You are open to discussions and new inspiration


Sofie Tone Nielsen

Sofie is a trained Experience Engineer from Aalborg University and one of the women behind the idea of ‘Platform 4’ and ‘Chill in the Park’ in Aalborg. Sofie has, under her artist name Tone, released several records and has played at both the Roskilde Festival and the SXSW Festival in the United States.

In addition, Sofie has worked with video and installation art and is one of the exhibitors in the Vrå Kunstbygning exhibition ‘Inner and outer landscapes’. Sofie Nielsen received Nordjyske’s Cultural Award in 2011.

Sofie has been employed at Vrå Folk High School since 2015.


Lene Schøning Bruun

Lene Schnøning has been employed at Vrå Højskole since 2008. She is a trained textile designer and has a PD in material culture.

Lene has taught at Alexandra School in Frederikshavn, known for its skilled tailors.

She has sewn clothes for Ghita Nørby, Diana Benneweis, Princess Alexandra and several well-known politicians.

She teaches in Textile Design,  Body Culture and Creative Proces

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