Ceramic is more than just a handicraft

Ceramic has made a comeback in contemporary art. Work using ceramic and clay is here to stay, which is not such a strange suggestion considering that clay is the first material that humans processed using a chemical process to create what we know as ceramics.

You will come to work with Ceramic techniques and methods:

  • Modelling
  • Turning
  • Glazing
  • Burning

This course will switch between theory and practice, team lessons and independent work. The course can also be completed with a big project, e.g.: an exhibition.

Besides being a handicraft, ceramic art is closely related to subjects such as sculpture and visual arts.

You will receive lessons from professional artists, who will teach and guide you in your personal ceramic projects. They help you to gain a sense of your own artistic language and expression, meanwhile giving you wide-ranging insight into the subject.

Furthermore, you will learn about ceramic traditions and trends within contemporary art. You will learn different production techniques, treatment, and burning methods. Through this, you will have the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of art.

About you:

  • You want to work creatively, and are not scared of making mistakes
  • You are prepared for professional guidance
  • You are prepared to work alone and in a team during lessons
  • You are open to new ideas and theories

Ceramic is for those who are beginners in the field and are excited about it, and who wants to try the power of clay and the rotating table.

You must, in other words, not have sat at a rotating table before.


Cille Colberg

Cille is artist and ceramist with a capital C, and has extensive teaching experience from e.g.: Huset in Hasserisgade and Daghøjskolen Sind as well as her own workshops.

She has participated in many exhibitions and even won the 2nd place prize for the DM in freehand turning.

She is educated at the Aarhus Art Academy – Clay Art, Sønderborg Handcraft School – potter and Sønderjyllands Art School.

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