Entrepreneurship, tourism, culture and experiences in Greenland

If you are interested in Greenlandic culture – and you want the experience of your life – a stay at Vrå Højskole is perfect for you!

It’s easy – send an email to info@vraahojskole.dk, tell us who you are and why you should have the opportunity to come, write BOOST in the subject field, and you’ll hear from us in a matter of days.

There are 10 young Greenlanders already in place, we are just missing 10 Nordic students!

In May 2019, for a whole month, you will partake in a study trip to South Greenland, where a special program with focus on entrepreneurship, tourism, culture and experiences in Greenland is organized.

Boost lasts from August 12, 2018 to approx. June 12, 2019 – there is a break from 15 December to 14 January.

You have the opportunity to partake in højskole-life, where you can choose between many subjects, but you should choose News and Entrepreneurship as two of your subjects in order to join Boost. They are 2 of the 10 modules you will have a week.

The price for this special two-semester højskole stay is 39 000 Danish kroner including a month’s study trip and stay in Greenland, as well as a study trip to Berlin in Autumn 2018.

This course is sponsored by Nordplus.

I would like to learn more about BOOST including 1 month study trip to Greenland:

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