Find what you are good at, at Vrå Folk High School

At Vrå Folk High School you can immerse yourself in a particular area such as music, photography, design or art – but you also have the opportunity to try many different subjects and possibilities.

You can assemble your schedule to suit your needs and wishes.

At a folk high school, there are no exams and fixed syllabus – but attendance is compulsory, and we therefore expect that you participate in:

  • Meal times
  • Morning assemblies
  • Lessons
  • Kitchen duty
  • Dormitory meetings
  • Evening arrangements
  • Trips away from the school
  • Study trip

All these are important elements of your folk high school stay.

Many use the folk high school as a springboard to enter their dream educations:

  • Vrå Folk High School can, for example, help you improve your photography and media skills so that you can apply for the Media School in Viborg or the Journalist Folk High School in Aarhus.
  • The school can also help you improve your portfolio within handicraft, art and design – so you can easily come into VIA design in Herning, The Art Academy or Design School in Kolding.
  • Many of the school’s music students have been lucky to pass the entrance exams at music conservatories and have improved their CVs and strengthened their experience while they were here. At Music, you have the possibility to play your own music and learn to write your own lyrics.

It’s possible that you still don’t know what you want to work with and educate yourself in, but you can still gain a lot from folk high school. At Vrå Folk High School, we have more than 30 various subjects, which will probably help you figure out what you are good at.

You also have the opportunity to study school subjects, for example, Danish and Mathematics, as we like to support your learning and development in your STU process. You are not required to have any special education or qualifications in order to attend the folk high school, but you are required to be at least 17, 5 years old when you start at the school.

Come visit and try out folk high school. You can have a tour around the school with your parents, your friends – or maybe even your UU guidance counselor. You also have the opportunity to join the folk high school for a day – for free, and if you are currently in high school, we can plan a folk high school excursion for your whole class.

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