There is always a lot happening at Vrå Folk High School - drop by

Vrå Folk High School hosts all types oof events and meetings. We are a cultural gathering house, that hosts everything from common singing to celebrations and festivals. As a student, you can, during your stay, expect to experience:

You can follow our activities and events on our Facebook page.

One of the permanent and very popular meetings are the communal meals. Every Wednesday, in the odd weeks, we invite you, your friends, your neighbours and your family in to our school for communal eating at 18 o’clock.

You can choose to go home and do nothing after eating or you can hang out at the folk high school and join the event taking place after the meal. It may be a lecture, a concert or a celebration. Often with our own folk high school students in focus.

We have a permanent “Open Scene”, where our students give you a taste of what they are working with. You can, among other things, experience:

  • Poetry readings
  • Electronic music
  • Rhythmic music
  • Singing and solo performances
  • Story Slam

In the summer months, there is communal eating every Wednesday. It costs only DKK 50 to eat – and it inly costs DKK 40 if you are a member of The Folk High Schools Friends.

Tourists are also welcome, we are mentioned on the page Campaya, that rents out summer houses in the area.

Events for previous students

We are often visited by old students that drop by for a cup of coffee and a chat. They are of course always welcome. Every year, we have Old Student’s Weekend the first weekend in August. There are fun activities and a party where one can reconnect with old students.

Denmark eats together

Vrå Folk High School joins a number of other high schools with “Denmark Eating Together”. We work closely with a number of organizations and associations both private and public – local as well as national.

We work closely with our closest neighbors and cultural institutions in the local area. Among others:

We also invite other folk high schools and educational institutions into our school. We make events and excursions for gymnasium classes.

You are also welcome to drop by, if you are considering a stay at the folk high school. Come and get a tour around the school, chat with the students – and try to join the classes if you wish.

Come by and use the folk high school if you have an idea, an event, a show or exhibition, we will be hosting. We also rent out our historic folk high school environment, and can easily arrange catering.

In other words, the school has the space for everything from public information meetings to parties and art exhibitions. There is room for congressional meetings, conferences, concerts, knitting festivals and much more.

We are happy to have guests. Both those who come for a single lecture, but also for those who come over and over again – and become regular friends of the school.

Contact us on 98981010, or at

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