Support, preserve and develop

The purpose of Vrå Højskole’s Friends
To create and support a public engagement around Vrå Folk High School in order to support the school.

Although Vrå Folk High School is in positive progress and development, support is important. It may be in the form of PR, help with practical work, and financial contributions when the school lacks new equipment and support for events.
The quota and the contribution from Vrå Folk High School Friends are not included in the school’s daily operations, but used for special procurement/purchases.
Since the establishment of the association in 2006, we have been able to contribute, among other things, to the acquisition of folk high school books, IT boards, music and photo line items, laptops, projectors, cycling all the textile and design line fixtures, the creation of the cinema, the establishment of the apple grove, cafe furniture and contribution to a new grand piano.

Membership has been steadily rising, and the association now has about 400 members. The quota is set at DKK 100 a year per person, to which some members can choose to contribute an additional amount.
Contributions/subscriptions can be paid to the association’s account in Sparekassen Vendsyssel, registration number 9070 and account number 1620837527.

The folk high school is developing rapidly and is known for its many cultural activities. We will do our best to ensure that this development continues.

The association’s board of directors are determined annually at the association’s general meeting. The latest meeting was held in April 2017, and the Board was then composed as follows:

• Jeanet Østerby, chairman
• Jette Helmart, vice chairman
• Torben Jakobsen, treasurer
• Christian Vadsholt, secretary
• Thomas Bertelsen
• Lone Raunsmed
• Elsebeth Kirk
• Anne Jensen, alternate
• Karsten Christensen, alternate

Questions regarding membership and subscription can be directed to the treasurer on tlf.: 2956 2637  or email:

Vrå Folk High School’s Friends also calls on you to join the school district.

The school district is the highest authority of the folk high school and, with a one time payment of DKK 200, one ensures permanent membership and voting rights at the annual general meeting.

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