Vrå Folk High School - one of Denmark's oldest folk high schools

Vrå Folk High School is one of Denmark’s oldest folk high schools. The school was established in Stenum in 1872, but when the train line was set up in Vrå, a decision was made to move the school brick by brick to Vrå, where it still lies today.

Vrå Folk High School is a general education school with an emphasis on creative subjects. The school has, since the beginning and up until today, had thousands of pupils staying here. Either on spring and autumn semesters, or on short summer courses and new year courses.

The school is at the same time a local and cultural gathering house. Every second week, we open our doors for communal meals and cozy time for big and small. Families, neighbours and friends are all welcome to eat. After dinner, there are often lectures, concerts or similar.

The school, with its many square meters, is also suitable for parties and conferences. We like to welcome guests and parties from near and far. The folk high school kitchen and chefs deliver food out of the school for special occasions, but also offer food and canteen solutions for small businesses.

Vrå Folk Hish School is run today by principal couple, Pia Schnoor and Søren Ottzen. They came to Vrå in 2007 and continued to practice the  school of thought at the folk high school, which follows the Christian Kold philosophy. Principal Pia Schnoor is the seventh in the series of principals since George and Kirstine Terkelsen in 1872. 

The folk high school district is the school’s legal backing. It consists of 7 members and to alternates. Additionally, the school is strongly supported by the Folk High School Friends, that help both with financial contributions and the volunteer work.

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